Continuing its role as a platform for the interdisciplinary field of Brazilian studies, this issue of Brasiliana brings together over 30 texts divided into four sections. Drawing on analyses of newspapers and magazines, the articles gathered in the dossier ‘Beyond the Hard News: Periodical Print Culture in Brazil' form a kaleidoscope of themes that go from the fin de siecle to the end of the 20th century. The authors are scholars who approach the periodical print culture in Brazil from the point of view of history, literature, politics, society and culture in general, using various methodologies. The articles focus on both the content of the printed material (texts and images) as well as journalists, editors and readerships. They also present the press as a business capable of influencing the publishing market, focusing on behavioural aspects and revealing the circulatory dynamics of the periodical print culture in Brazil. The issue also includes a selection of articles relevant to Brazilian studies (General), as well as creative texts (Varia) and book reviews.

Published: 2020-09-08