Do you provide feedback when an article is rejected?

No, we don't provide feedback due to the number of submissions we receive.

Who can submit articles to this journal? Is there a minimum qualification (e.g. PhD) for making a submission?
We only publish articles by professional researchers and scholars. Articles should make a relevant contribution to the interdisciplinary field of Brazilian Studies and explicitly state and articulate this contribution clearly.

When are the issues published?

In August and December of each year.

Do you peer-review all articles?

All articles published in the sections 'Dossier' and 'General' have gone through a double-blind peer-review process as the minimum standard. The sections 'Book Reviews' and 'Varia' are reviewed by the editors only. 

How long does it take for an article to be reviewed and, if approved, published?
Timescales of reviews depend on the availability of reviewers and editors. Please be patient. The status of submissions can be checked when the user is logged into the Brasiliana platform. We do not make any promises about the time it will take to reach a decision.

What is your policy on book reviews?
We only publish reviews of books from the past two years. If you are interested in writing a book review, please contact the book review editor.