Brasiliana cannot provide proof-reading services to authors. It is the author's responsibility to ensure that any accepted texts have been proof-read and edited to a professional standard, including formatting and referencing styles, otherwise they may be returned to authors. Depending on the issue schedule, this may also delay the publication of your work.


Registering as an author

Registration is required to submit articles or book reviews and to check the status of current submissions. To create a username and password please go to registration. If you already have a username and password, make sure to login here.

Before submitting your article or book review, make sure to familiarise yourself with the guidelines below. 

Brasiliana uses a standardized document layout when publishing. All submissions must be uploaded using the correct formatting, or they will be returned to the authors for resubmission.  Please download our template below and copy your text to the template following the instructions.

Click on the icon below to download the template.


Scroll down for further information on articles, book reviews, document styles, and submission.

Referencing Style:

  • Brasiliana uses the Harvard referencing system. For more information, click here.
  • References should appear in the body of the text using the Harvard system, before punctuation.
  • Footnotes must not be used for references. Footnotes must appear at the end of a sentence, after punctuation.
  • Short quotations: (less than 20 words/3 lines) should appear as part of the text and are enclosed by quotation marks.
  • For Long quotations: (more than 20-25 words/3 lines), you should leave a line's space above and below the quote and indent it 3cm from the left; quotation marks are not necessary.
  • The bibliography should come at the end of the text, using Palatino Linotype, size 11


Article Guidelines:

  • Do not include your name in the submission. This is to ensure that the peer-review remains blind and fair.
  • Article length should be 6000-8000 words, including endnotes, headings, and a 150-word abstract.
  • Language: English, Portuguese or Spanish
  • The article should be submitted as a Microsoft Word file (e.g. docx or rtf).
  • Diagrams and other graphics should be submitted as separate files.
  • Please make sure you have the right to publish illustrations if any.
  • The reviewer guidelines is a helpful document showing what reviewers will expect from submissions.


Brasiliana also receives submissions for the section 'Varia', in which we publish non-academic articles or essays and other materials such as creative writing, interviews with people of interest, and reports. Please contact the editor for further information.


Book Reviews

Please click here for guidelines to write book reviews.



As standard procedure, Brasiliana carries out checks on all submissions for both plagiarism and self-plagiarism. If a submitted article is shown to have plagiarised, the submission will be immediately declined. Under certain circumstances, Brasiliana will accept articles previously published on other platforms, however, this must be disclaimed before submission, and a reference will have to be made as a footnote in the published article. The same procedure will be applied to articles that have been translated from a previously published text.

If an article is found to have plagiarised after its publication, it will be immediately removed from the platform and the author(s) will be notified and removed from the list of contributors to the journal.

Brasiliana does not take any legal responsibility for plagiarism. 

 Steps for Submitting:

  • Once you have written your submission adhering to the author or book reviewer guidelines, please follow the five steps to submit your work.
  • Before submitting, you must login, and click on 'new submission' on your user home page. 

    Step 1 -  Start
    Here you will select the section of the journal you would like to upload to (dossier, general article, varia, or book review) and read the submissions checklist and copyright notice. In this step, you will also have the option to leave a note for the editor.

    Step 2 - Upload the submission
    Here you will upload the file you wish to submit

    Step 3 - Enter Metadata
    This section will allow you to check your information as an author, add a title and abstract, indicate the language, and indicate any contributors or supporting agencies of your article.

    Step 4 - Upload Supplementary Files 
    Here you can upload complimentary documents such as research instruments, data sets, sources that otherwise would be unavailable to readers, and figures and tables that cannot be integrated into the text itself.

    Step 5 - Confirmation