Årg. 4 Nr. 8 (2007): Teatertekster

					Se Årg. 4 Nr. 8 (2007): Teatertekster

»Your house is a potential warzone for a child: the corners of tables, chip pans, and the stairs - particularly the stairs - are all potential sources of harm.

Your house is a minefield.

Your house is a minefield - you only have to think about the medicines in the medicine cupboard - or the hard surfaces in the bathroom - the bath - the enamel sink - these are very hard surfaces. Avoid slippery floors.

Avoid slippery floors at and at the first sign of unremitting fever, do call a doctor, call a doctor straight away.« 

- Martin Crimp Advice to Iraqi Women, d. 10. april 2003

Publiceret: 2021-06-08