Årg. 26 Nr. 1 (2010): Sport and Development

					Se Årg. 26 Nr. 1 (2010): Sport and Development

Sport or "sport for all" is often used as a means to social development in conflict affected countries. This special issue, prepared in collaboration with The Network for Sport and Development (NSD), focuses on sport as a potential  development tool.

Sport are often believed to be of universal value and participation in them is encouraged for promoting social competences, enhanced learning ability, reduced criminality, a healthier lifestyle and democratic practices. How succesful is sport as a development tool in emergent nations?

Can sport really change social behaviour in its participants? Can we justify imposing our own body culture on people from other countries and with different body cultures? These and other critical concerns are tackled in this special issue devoted to sport and development.

Publiceret: 2010-02-17