Oppdragelsen til verdensborgerskap i kunstnerisk perspektiv

  • Hansjörg Hohr Universitetet i Oslo
Nøgleord: verdensborgerskap, kosmopolitisme, kunst, estetikk


In this text, features of fiction are discussed as to their ability for handling cultural diversity in cosmopolitan education. The argument is developed in two steps. First, the biblical story about the construction of the the tower of Babel is analyzed and discussed with respect to what is says about diversity and how it says it. In a second step, aspects of art are gathered from various sources, Aristotle, Cassirer, Gadamer, Langer, Kant, Rorty, in order to define the communicative possibilieties of art with respect to cosmopolitan education.
Hohr, H. (2015). Oppdragelsen til verdensborgerskap i kunstnerisk perspektiv. Studier I Pædagogisk Filosofi, 4(2), 54-67. https://doi.org/10.7146/spf.v4i2.21041