Teori-praksis-distinktionen og pædagogisk filosofi

  • Sune Frølund Århus Universitet, forskningsmiljøet for pædagogisk filosofi
Nøgleord: Teori, anvendt filosofi, praksis, Carr, Hirst, post-foundationalisme, Aristoteles, Gadamer, overskridelse, negativitet


Educational philosopher Wilfred Carr claims that the formation of philosophy of education in accordance with the theory-centered paradigm of modernist philosophy is responsible for the miserable fact that educational practitioners take no interest in philosophy of education. A real contemporary philosophy of education, Carr suggests, would give up theory and the “foundationalist” idea of seeking a firm ground for practice outside of practice.   The paper, firstly, takes up Carr’s debate with Paul Hirst on Carr’s notion of philosophy of education, and, secondly, moves on to inquire the interpretation of Aristotle’s practical philosophy by Hans-Georg Gadamer, whom Carr refers to. Finally, the paper outlines some merits of Gadamer’s hermeneutics that philosophy of education should adapt
Frølund, S. (2013). Teori-praksis-distinktionen og pædagogisk filosofi. Studier I Pædagogisk Filosofi, 2(2), 34-45. https://doi.org/10.7146/spf.v2i2.15447