Håndens fænomenologi. Til en filosofisk antropologi

  • Kasper Lysemose Postdoc i Filosofi på Aarhus Universitet
Nøgleord: Menneske, teknik, hænder, berøring, greb, formgivning, kast, heteroaffektion, telepræsens, filosofisk antropologi, kropsfænomenologi


The paper presents a phenomenology of the hand in four declinations: the touching, the grasping, the working and the throwing hands. This selective sequence expresses not only the disposition but also a hypothesis. To be disclosed is a distance already in the intimate doings and a proximity still in the far-reaching operations of the hands. The claim is that this intimate alienness (hetero-affection) and distant proximity (tele-presence) makes the human hands technical and associates the human being originally with technology. It is assumed that pedagogical philosophy will have an interest in this anthropo-technical condition fundamental to the Bildung of man


Kasper Lysemose, Postdoc i Filosofi på Aarhus Universitet
Mag.art., Ph.d. i filosofi
Lysemose, K. (2013). Håndens fænomenologi. Til en filosofisk antropologi. Studier I Pædagogisk Filosofi, 2(2), 78-102. https://doi.org/10.7146/spf.v2i2.8078
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