Betragtninger over refleksivitet (og pædagogik)

- med afsæt i Grue-Sørensens disputats

  • Oliver Kauffmann DPU, Campus Aarhus


The paper is an investigation of the concept ‘reflexivity’ and its possible relation to consciousness. By taking advantage of Knud Grue-Sørensens discussions of ‘reflexivity’ in his treatise Studier over refl eksivitet. En fi losofi sk afhandling (1950), I discuss a number of arguments to the effect that there is an intimate connection between reflexivity, consciousness and epistemology. The idea that pedagogy is somehow essentially related to reflexivity is also briefly taken into consideration.


Oliver Kauffmann, DPU, Campus Aarhus
Lektor, Viceinstitutleder, ph.d.
Kauffmann, O. (2018). Betragtninger over refleksivitet (og pædagogik). Studier I Pædagogisk Filosofi, 7(1), 55-73.