Interference and Freedom

Conversations with Connections Artists


  • Barbara Simonsen
  • Elisabeth Gade Nielsen



This is a collection of interviews with selected artists from the Connections residency programme (2017-2020), held, transcribed and edited by Barbara Simonsen and Elisabeth Gade Nielsen. The interviews revolve around artistic process, collaboration and creative freedom, and provide insight into how the framework of the residency (and its underlying concept of interference as a dramaturgical tool) feeds into the creative process.


Barbara Simonsen

Barbara Simonsen is director, dramaturg and artistic director and founder of Teater Seachange and Seachange Lab in Aarhus, Denmark: an independent theatre company, and an international centre for practical artistic research and performing arts experiments. Simonsen holds a Master of Comparative Literature and Dramaturgy from Aarhus University and has taught in the Aarhus University departments of Dramaturgy, Comparative Literature and Aesthetics and Culture. Her experimental productions range from audio plays in cinemas to international music theatre and interactive installations. Simonsen has worked for many years as consultant and facilitator for directors, playwrights, choreographers and companies, specialising in the analysis and development of process, tools and methods. In 2017, she edited the interview collection The Art of Rehearsal - Conversations with Contemporary Theatre Makers at Bloomsbury Methuen Drama.

Elisabeth Gade Nielsen

Elisabeth Gade Nielsen holds a Master’s Degree in English and Dramaturgy from Aarhus University and has worked with theatre and performing arts both in England and Denmark. She is a dramaturg, researcher, editor, performer, facilitator and artistic sparring partner. Over the years, Elisabeth has specialized in analyzing and facilitating processes containing theatrical and performative dimensions. Her work ranges from producing site specific performances to teaching drama and most recently working with sustainability in the performing arts.

Photo: Niels Plotard / Valentine typewriter used for documenting notions of ‘home’, The Farmor Project, Connections residency 2019





Simonsen, B., & Gade Nielsen, E. (2022). Interference and Freedom: Conversations with Connections Artists. Peripeti, 19(S10), 42–66.



Case Study: The Connections Residency Programme