WOW – a multilayered reflection on collective movements


  • Andrea Deres
  • Carolina Bäckman
  • Ellesiv S. Vestreim,
  • Sofia Karlsson
  • Quim Bigas Bassart



choreography, dance, fanclubdance, Quim Bigas, collective reflections, koreografi, dans, danserkollektivet, kollektive refleksioner


Through a collective writing five dance artists share their individual and common experiences of collective, weaving together an intricate body of text. A playful and sincere approach towards different collective settings, modes and textures, exploring the rich complexity of being many in one – what it can entail, unfold and generate


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Deres, A., Bäckman, C., Vestreim, E. S., Karlsson, S., & Bigas Bassart, Q. (2020). WOW – a multilayered reflection on collective movements. Peripeti, 17(31), 178–195.