Calling Clavigo - The Intellectual as Readymade

  • Niels Lehmann
Nøgleord: Calling Clavigo (2002), intellectual readymade, Niels Lehmann


The performance has a distinctive tripartite structure. The first part unfolds as a lecture given by Professor Per Øhrgaard on education based on Goethe’s special view on formation. Øhrgaard is an expert on Goethe and he is an obvious choice for a performance dealing with formation as its theme and staging a part of a drama by Goethe. Nobody else could be better as an intellectual readymade. In Calling Clavigo (2002), Øhrgaard is staged in a similar position to that the dwarfs and twins in The Picture of Snow White.

Lehmann, N. (2017). Calling Clavigo - The Intellectual as Readymade. Peripeti, 14(26.5), 44-47. Hentet fra