Operation:Orfeo - its Act of Enunciation

  • Morten Kyndrup
Nøgleord: Operation:Orfeo, Morten Kyndrup, Hotel pro forma


Operation:Orfeo is a theatrical spectacle of a very particular nature, lasting some
80 minutes. It unfolds in a separate scenic space mounted on the stage. This scenic space is comprised of a thick picture frame surrounding a square space, measuring 6x6 meters, inside which a staircase is mounted, across the entire width of the square, from top to bottom. The stairs are lit in such a way that the space does not unfold unambiguously both horizontally and vertically (as staircases usually do). It primarily appears vertical, as a surface provided with a horizontal grid, fastened in a picture frame. In this room, on these stairs, a total of 14 players sing in different positions all through the performance. 

Kyndrup, M. (2017). Operation:Orfeo - its Act of Enunciation. Peripeti, 14(26.5), 33-36. Hentet fra https://tidsskrift.dk/peripeti/article/view/110660