Pedagogikk, betydningstap og selvrefleksjonens grunnlag




insignificance, education, depoliticization, self-reflection, reflexivity, antropocen, social movements, utopia


The thesis explored in this essay is that contemporary educational thought has suffered a loss of significance, manifested when our language and concepts fail to be experienced as signifiers of commitment. A certain reluctance can be observed, among academics and others, against the notion of defending any cause or idea – with notable exceptions such as “respect for difference”. One may of course contest that a special kind of commitment is needed in education; but problems emerge when the educational values in place are no longer experienced as very significant for education itself, because the lack of investment in turn reduces the need to criticize and question these values. The problem concerns the lack of reflexive creativity, not the lack of ideals per se. The idea of a loss of signification is elaborated in two examples: “dannelse” and “kritikk”. In a further step, the loss of signification is discussed in relation to the lack of a larger, social (or societal) project, where the discussion of the Anthropocene is one example of how such a project might be formulated today.


Ingerid S. Straume, Rudolf Steinerhøyskolen og Universitetet i Oslo

Førsteamanuensis i pedagogikk, førstebibliotekar, PhD.





Straume, I. S. (2016). Pedagogikk, betydningstap og selvrefleksjonens grunnlag. Studier I Pædagogisk Filosofi, 5(1), 3–17.