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    We are happy to announce the first call for submissions for CONTEXT: A repository of instruments for research into learning and teaching in context

    CONTEXT is an online open access repository of instruments for research into learning and teaching in context.

    We welcome all types of instruments across all methodological, theoretical, and epistemological approaches. It is not required that the instruments have been developed specifically for educational research, only that it has the potential to be used for research into learning and teaching.

    Submission deadline March 2, 2018

    The aim of the repository is to support the growing field of educational research that focuses on learning and teaching in context. We do this by providing a free and searchable repository that can aid the validation and further improvement of the submitted research instruments.

    Submission of an instrument must be accompanied by an article that describes the context in which the instrument has been developed and used, and the methodological and ethical considerations through which it may develop in the future. We especially welcome discussions on mixed methods designs. For further details, see Author guidelines.

    Articles are selected for publication based on their relevance for the field of educational research and their potential for further replication and validation. All submissions will undergo a double blind review process.

    Submit online

    Editorial team:

    - Ulf Dalvad Berthelsen, Aarhus Universitet

    - Jeppe Bundsgaard, Aarhus Universitet

    - Morten Tannert, Aarhus Universitet


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