We do the same, but it is different. The open laboratory & play culture

  • Klaus Thestrup Redaktør og skribent
Nøgleord: mediaplay; the experimenting community; open laboratories; formula & improvisation


This article outlines a certain research field and a pedagogical area around digital media, play and pedagogy in a globalized media- & knowledge society. I sketch out both some results and some new challenges based on closed, recent and ongoing activities, development and research using digital media together with children in different pedagogical settings. The methods to find ways to use technologies and narratives have always been based on concrete experiments inside the pedagogical settings. No matter the context I as a researcher stepped into the actual situation and co-created play, experiments, questions, processes and results. Over the years I have discussed one pedagogical principle for the processes I have used: the open laboratory. This open laboratory covers pedagogical methods where all media and all materials can be combined in processes, where children and pedagogues play and experiment. 


Klaus Thestrup, Redaktør og skribent

Associate professor at Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media, Aarhus University. Ph.d.- in mediaplay, Arts, Aarhus University. Dramaturg, Arts, Aarhus University. Master of Children´s & youth culture, aesthetics and multi-media, University of Southern Denmark. Trained pedagogue. He has as a practitioner and researcher participated in or been leading several projects on drama, digital media, play culture, children and pedagogues. In 2015 he was leading a research project on children and pedagogues as digital world citizens: Formation in a Digital and Global World (https://www.emu.dk/modul/dannelse-i-en-digital-og-global-verden). He is at the moment involved in two EU-projects, where he is focusing on how playing and experimenting in makerspaces can take place on a global scale: The MakEY-project (http://makeyproject.eu/) & Mini-makers (http://mini-maker.de/en/). He has his own blog (https://theexperimentingcommunity.wordpress.com/) and his own youtube channel Klaus Thestrup Mediaplay (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9DtJvDt0x4cyBb4MIKsccg?view_as=subscriber).


BUKS Tidsskrift for Børne- og Ungdomskultur udgives med støtte fra kulturministeriets bevilling til almenkulturelle tidsskrifter
Thestrup, K. (2018). We do the same, but it is different. The open laboratory & play culture. BUKS - Tidsskrift for Børne- & Ungdomskultur, 35(62), 14. Hentet fra https://tidsskrift.dk/buks/article/view/107339
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