Det grønne uddannelsesimperativ

  • Niels Henrik Hooge
Nøgleord: Deontologisk etik, miljøetik, miljøfilosofi, uddannelsesfilosofi, bæredygtighed, uddannelse for bæredygtig udvikling


The paper defines the green education imperative as a normative proposition that expresses a fundamental norm – sustainable development. The proposition combines directions for action, i.e. the right to receive environmental training and education and the duty to provide it, with a specific situation, resulting in an individual norm-based assessment. The imperative has two main interpretations: The strong version, which in its strongest form consists of binding norms that guarantee definitive subjective rights to ecological and sustainable training and education services and an obligation to provide them. The weak version signifies that students have a moral or non-mandatory right to receive environmental training and education, which is not related to any particular institution in any particular professional context at any particular point in time.


Niels Henrik Hooge
Cand. jur., bachelor i filosofi
Hooge, N. H. (2012). Det grønne uddannelsesimperativ. Studier I Pædagogisk Filosofi, 1(1), 72-87.
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