Bildning till verklighet och icke-representationell

  • Bo Dahlin Karlstad universitet & Rudolf Steinerhøyskolen
Nøgleord: representationalism, verklighet, bildning, estetiskt lärande, levande begrepp


This paper explores the educational significance of the critique of representationalism. As it includes the notion of non-representational knowledge, Rudolf Steiner’s epistemology is introduced and further linked to elements in Bergson and Deleuze. Humboldt’s idea of Menschenbildung as the central function of knowledge is brought in, since both Humboldt and Steiner emphasise knowledge as mediating the interplay between self and world, producing a deeper sense of reality. Such an education must respect the living nature of genuine concepts as well as the aesthetic aspects of learning. After a note on the educational abuse of language in discursive closures, some traits of Steiner’s practical pedagogy are presented as possible practical implications.


Bo Dahlin, Karlstad universitet & Rudolf Steinerhøyskolen
Dahlin, B. (2012). Bildning till verklighet och icke-representationell. Studier I Pædagogisk Filosofi, 1(1), 55-71.
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