In a Man's words - the politics of female representation in the public


  • Rebecca Adami Stockholm University



female representation, philosophy, Hannah Arendt, political action, feminism, solidarity, privilege


What one decides fit for appearance through writing and speech bears a political signifi cance that risk being distorted through both language, reception in the public, and through calls for gendered representations. How can work of female philosophers be interpreted as a concern for the world from that of having to respond to a male-dominated discourse through which speech becomes trapped into what one might represent as ‘other’? In this paper, I explore the public reception of two female thinkers who question, in diff erent ways, the dominant notion of the author or philosopher as a male subject; what kind of limitations does the relative notion of ‘female’ pose political action, and how can privilege constitute a hindrance to feminist solidarity?


Rebecca Adami, Stockholm University

Senior Lecture,

Department of Education

Stockholm University


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Adami, R. (2018). In a Man’s words - the politics of female representation in the public. Studier I Pædagogisk Filosofi, 6(1), 55–68.