• Writing Off the Beaten Track
    Vol. 8 No. 1 (2023)

    Table of Contents


    1. Table of Contents
    2. Martin Hauberg-Lund Laugesen & Charlotte Wegener: “Editorial Essay”
    3. Helen Sword & Selina Tusitala Marsh: “Collaborating Off the Beaten Track”
    4. Bo Kampmann Walther: “Writing and Flamenco: Phenomenological Investigations”
    5. Britton Williams: “Poetic Awakenings: (Re)imagining Epistemic Justice and Academic Writing through a Black Aesthetic Lens”
    6. Marianne Høyen: “Writing with New Journalism and Portraiture: The Making of a Portrait”
    7. Hazel R. Wright: “Skulking and spying then telling tales – becoming a walking-writing-researcher”
    8. Stine Heger: “Children Who Write ’Off the Beaten track’ and What We Can Learn from Them”
    9. Nathali Herold Solon Pilegaard & Heidi Philipsen: “A Method Off the Beaten Track: Refining Creative Writing Process through Practice-led Research”
    10. Birgitta Gripsrud: “Life Pushing Through: Coming to Writing and Mining for Deep Reflexivity”
    11. Bukola Aluko-Kpotie: “Crafting Future Memories: Reflections on a Female Carpentry Training Project in Lagos”
    12. Cee Carter, Mariam Rashid, Benjamin Scherrer & Korina Jocson: ”there, not there: (un)disciplining study off the writing tracks/tracts”
    13. Lisa Grocott: “A Goat Track Review”
    14. Lisa Grocott, Stacy Holman Jones, Anne-Lene Sand, Helle Marie Skovbjerg & Shanti Sumartojo: “Wandering Fests: Relational Orientations in Academic Writing”
    15. Dan Hvidtfelt Larsen: “Musical Participation in Studies of Creativity”
    16. Elliott Kuecker: “Lists for Many Occasions in Qualitative Research Writing”
    17. Shona McIntosh & Sarah Ruth Lillo Kang: “Critical Reflections on Collaborative Writing: Editorial Experiments in Fostering Equitable Dialogue”
    18. Farrah Jabeen & Susan Carter: “Banksy’s Street Art: A Catalyst for Doctoral Criticality and Creativity”
  • Kvalitativ Psykologi
    Vol. 7 No. 1 (2022)

  • Rhythms
    Vol. 6 No. 2 (2021)

  • Resonance
    Vol. 5 No. 1 (2018)

  • The Politics of Parenting
    Vol. 8 No. 2 (2023)

    Table of Contents:

    1. Susanne Bregnbæk, Noomi Matthiesen & Anja Marschall: "Editorial - The Politics of Parenting"
    2. Karen Ida Dannesboe: "Parents as learning facilitators - The institutionalisation of parenthood in learning-centred collaboration between early childhood professionals and parents"
    3. Li Xuan: "Instilling Care: Self-care and other-care in contemporary Chinese families"
    4. John Loewenthal: "Supportive or overpowering? Entangled agency of young adults and parents during and after higher education in the U.S.A."
    5. Jean-Baptiste Pettier: "Just Merit? Authoritarian-Caring Parenting Style in China and the Challenge of Inequality and Hierarchy in Late Post-Revolutionary Societies"
    6. Bjørg Kjær: "Shadow categorizations – Children with `special needs´ and the ethical work of parenting: minding the gap!"
    7. Dil Bach: "Genetic determinism – How psychiatric thinking influences parents’ approaches to their children's development"
    8. Asger Martiny-Bruun: "Parenting in the Courtyard – Understanding the Moral Dimensions of Socially Embedded Practices in Stigmatised Neighbourhoods in Denmark"
    9. Vibe Larsen, Üzeyir Tireli, Ditte Tofteng, & Mette Marie Høy-Hansen: "Parents as both problem and resource - the political management of parenting in marginalised residential areas"