About the Journal

Focus and Scope

Qualitative Studies (QS) is an interdisciplinary open-access journal which aims to be a central forum for discussions of qualitative research in social sciences in general. We are interested in papers that discuss qualitative methods, their promises, problems and philosophies. The journal is also looking for papers that apply such methods in concrete qualitative studies. We are looking for interesting and thought-provoking articles that either discuss qualitative methodologies, uses them or attempts to apply them in new and interesting manners. We are in particular looking for papers that critically expand the borders of qualitative research by experimenting with literary, aesthetic, narrative and other creative genres in the communication of research. We also welcome theoretical and philosophical discussions of qualitative inquiry. Each issue will have an overarching theme and we are looking for papers that connect with these themes in compelling ways and that employ qualitative methodologies to enlighten, broaden, change or experiment with both its subject and its approach towards it. 

The journal thus seeks to publish original and stimulating articles, that may push the boundaries of either the forms of methodology used, the perspectives on a given subject, the originality of the subject and/or the writing about it and the approach to it. We are therefore also looking for essays written about the given theme of each issue, think-pieces and other forms of manuscripts. These could be personal experiences with doing research within a given field, pieces concerned with discussing the process of conducting certain forms of research, pieces describing the experience of writing, researching and presenting one's own work etc.. 

QS is a biannual themebased journal. There is thus a call for papers twice annually in March and in September. It is therefore not open to contributions that do not relate to the current theme. However, we are open to theme-proposals and guest editors.

Kinds of manuscripts:

  1. Original manuscripts pertaining to the current theme-issue, including think-pieces and essays.
  2. Articles or commentaries that relate to or discuss issues raised in previous theme-issues. This is to enhance the dialogical aspect of the journal.

The journal is affiliated with Aalborg University, Denmark.

Peer Review Process

QS is uses blinded peer-review and it is the policy of the journal to obtain between one and two reviews of each paper submitted to QS.

Publication Frequency

Qualitative Studies publishes two issues a year.

Open Access Policy

Qualitative Studies provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.


We do not charge any fees regarding submission, review or publishing.


Our articles are stored by the Royal Danish Library.

Terms of use and reuse

Articles submitted to Qualitative Studies should not be submitted to or published in other journals.

Articles published in Qualitative Studies may be used (downloaded) and reused (distributed, copied, cited, i.e. the work may be reproduced and distributed but not remixed and built upon) for non-commercial purposes with reference to the authors and publication host.