• Anne Maj Nielsen
  • Charlotte Mathiassen


Crime, resocialization and totalinstitutions define three research fields. Some discourses
about social integration common to these research fields also constitute the field of social
psychology. These discourses are presented and discussed in the article. Based on the
discussion, a common field of research is outlined. This common field is the study of
zones of contrasting laws, rules and/or codes of conduct in marginal positions, where participants
are in transition from one community to another, and needs to negotiate and/or
change motives, intentions, values and attitudes in order to behave according to the laws/
rules/codes of conduct in the future community (for example, a prison can be the future
community for the sentenced time). This research field is labeled zones of contrasting
margins. Some of the challenges that may rise due to the outlined characteristics of zones
of contrasting margins are discussed. Finally, some questions are posed considering the
implications of this approach to future research in the field.

Nielsen, A., & Mathiassen, C. (2015). SOCIALPSYKOLOGISKE REFLEKSIONER OVER ET REGELRANDZONEFELT. Psyke & Logos, 36(1), 24. Hentet fra