• Line Lerche Mørck


The article is a product of collaboration between a researcher (Line) and a former biker
gang member (Peter). Together they explore Peter’s conduct in life during a 10-month
period, while he is in a police-gang-exit-program. The article reflects and discusses the
ethics involved in this kind of subject/subject research, where a former biker gang member
and a researcher are engaged in a common research process, being both researchers 

and subject of investigation at the same time. Through a social practice theoretical
moment-movement methodology significant moments are studied in depth, including
Peter’s action reasons, (disturbances of) concerns and telos becoming less of a member of
the (biker) gang environment and becoming more of a member of academia. The article
further explores the struggles to move beyond marginal positions and how collective
processes of recognition and reification might help major personal changes. Finally the
article discusses possibilities for development within the field of gang exit intervention -
to improve gang exit processes for other future gang members.

Mørck, L. (2015). FRA ROCKER TIL AKADEMIKER. Psyke & Logos, 36(1), 33. Hentet fra