Kostume-drevne performances

Kostumers generative og performative potentialer


  • Charlotte Østergaard




Dansk teater 300 år


Costume driven performances. Costumes generative and performative potentials
This article examines costume driven performances as a growing trend in international performing arts as well as in costume research. It also provides the more detailed analysis of a costume-driven dance performance from the author’s own practice and concludes with considerations about the potential in Danish performing arts.


Charlotte Østergaard

Charlotte Østergaard, kostume- og tekstildesigner, underviser og artistic researcher /ph.d fellow på Lunds Universitet, S. Charlotte har designet kostumer til mere end 65 forestillinger, har modtaget adskillige arbejdslegater fra Statens Kunstfond og er hendes værker repræsenteret i samlingerne på Design Museum Danmark og Statens Museum for Kunst.


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