Between ants, humans, disciplinarities and worldviews: creating a performative work from an interdisciplinary starting-point


  • Christine Fentz



This article examines the interdisciplinary working processes involved in creating a performing arts piece about ants. It maps the collaboration between performing artists and scientists from other research areas. It is an investigation of how to approach interdisciplinary work while also navigating different worldviews, using each other as new prisms on oneself and on unknown material.


Christine Fentz

Christine Fentz has an MA in Dramaturgy, and trained as a performer and director in group theatre in Germany.
She is Artistic Director at Secret Hotel, Aarhus and Earthwise Residency Centre, Mols, specializing in participatory work and more-than-human topics.
She is co-editor of Artistic Research. Strategies for Embodiment, with Tom McGuirk, Aarhus
University Press: 2015. She also worked on the editorial board of cultural political publications
“Rå Hvidbog” (2010) and “OVERVEJELSER” (2011) from Independent Performing Artists
DK, and has authored various articles and essays.


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Fentz, C. (2021). Between ants, humans, disciplinarities and worldviews: creating a performative work from an interdisciplinary starting-point. Peripeti, 18(33), 36–54.