Person og rolle

Forslag til et performativitets-begreb


  • Janek Szatkowski



performativitet, rolleteori, systemteori, marina abramovic, performativ æstetik


This article presents an attempt to (re)construct a concept of performativity based on a systems theoretical
approach. It is suggested that performativity could be understood as a way of observing the world with the help of the distinction “person” and “role”. Performativity thus describes how the communication between
individuals and groups establishes a structural coupling between the consciousness of the psychic system and
communication in social systems. This also allows the concept of performativity to investigate how values are generated and used in everyday communication. In a discussion with the concept presented by Professor Erica Fischer-Lichte and by offering an alternative reading of the performance The Lips of Thomas by Mariana Abrahmovic it is suggested that a concept of performativity based on the distinction person/role prove to be more productive analytically.





Szatkowski, J. (2021). Person og rolle: Forslag til et performativitets-begreb. Peripeti, 8(S3), 111–135.