Den omnipotente krop og det forsvarsløse subjekt


  • Elin Andersen



kropslighed, subjektivitet, teatral betydningsdannelse, performativitetsteori, den fænomenale krop


The corporeality and the relation to the audience in the theatre are important subjects in the theory of performativity.
The same is the case in Erika Fischer-Lichtes book Ästhetik des Performativen 2004. This article is a critical dialogue with Fischer-Lichte - concerning her opinion of embodiment körperlichheit and seeing in the theatre in her book. The article suggests that the body - in spite of its apparently greatness in her view - at the same time becomes a pawn in different power games: in the theatre it concerns the control of the body of the  performer, in the theory of science it deals with the corporeality versus the text as prevailing paradigm, in the esthetic it is a matter of the avant-garde in contrast to the tradition as a model. And finally: what happens to the subjectivity in this regime of the body?





Andersen, E. (2021). Den omnipotente krop og det forsvarsløse subjekt. Peripeti, 8(S3), 49–64.