Call for Papers: Hybrid Work



To propose an article to this special issue of Qualitative Studies, please provide an abstract (max one page) to no later than 1. November 2023.

Abstract deadline 1. November 2023

Invitations to write a full paper: 1. December 2023

Full paper deadline 1. Maj 2024

Deadline for submission of revised and finalized manuscripts: 1. November 2023

Publication date: 1. December 2024

Final papers submitted for peer-review should be 5000-7000 worlds (excluding a 150-word structured abstract, 4-6 keywords and reference list) and formatted according to APA7. All submissions should be in Word format, formatted with a standard margin, 12-point font and double spacing. All figures, models and tables should be embedded into the text. Submission must take place through the journal’s portal found here: All full papers are subjected to double-blind review prior to publication. Qualitative Studies does not charge a publication fee.

Questions can be sent to the guest editors Thomas Duus Henriksen (,, Rikke Kristine Nielsen ( and Maria Hvid Bech Dille (, Department of Communication and Psychology, Aalborg University.

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Current Issue

Vol. 8 No. 2 (2023): The Politics of Parenting

Table of Contents:

1. Susanne Bregnbæk, Noomi Matthiesen & Anja Marschall: "Editorial - The Politics of Parenting"
2. Karen Ida Dannesboe: "Parents as learning facilitators - The institutionalisation of parenthood in learning-centred collaboration between early childhood professionals and parents"
3. Li Xuan: "Instilling Care: Self-care and other-care in contemporary Chinese families"
4. John Loewenthal: "Supportive or overpowering? Entangled agency of young adults and parents during and after higher education in the U.S.A."
5. Jean-Baptiste Pettier: "Just Merit? Authoritarian-Caring Parenting Style in China and the Challenge of Inequality and Hierarchy in Late Post-Revolutionary Societies"
6. Bjørg Kjær: "Shadow categorizations – Children with `special needs´ and the ethical work of parenting: minding the gap!"
7. Dil Bach: "Genetic determinism – How psychiatric thinking influences parents’ approaches to their children's development"
8. Asger Martiny-Bruun: "Parenting in the Courtyard – Understanding the Moral Dimensions of Socially Embedded Practices in Stigmatised Neighbourhoods in Denmark"
9. Vibe Larsen, Üzeyir Tireli, Ditte Tofteng, & Mette Marie Høy-Hansen: "Parents as both problem and resource - the political management of parenting in marginalised residential areas"

Published: 2023-09-22


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