The reception of Dopingdjævlen (1999) in Denmark


  • John Hoberman



Diskussion af Verner Møllers bog 'Dopingdjævelen' - om dopingskandaler og Tour de France i slutningen af 1990'erne.

The Reception of Dopingdjævlen (The Devil of Dope) (1999) in Denmark)

The publication of Verner Møller’s Dopingdjævlen a year after the 1998 Tour de France scandal was in itself a kind of media event that gave the doping debate in Denmark an analytical dimension that is usually lacking in public discussions of this topic. The fact that an academic intellectual had succeeded in entering the public discussion of athletic doping in an original, heretical and highly publicized manner provoked a reaction that can teach us much about the status of “doping” in modern societies that consume large quantities of “legitimate” drugs. For one of the consequences of reading Verner Møller’s book was to be confronted with the uncomfortable possibility that the drug use of professional cyclists was not, in some respects, fundamentally different from the drug use of millions of people who regard their own pharmacological habits as being both normal and legitimate.


John Hoberman

John Hobermann, professor, Austin University, Texas og gæsteprofessor ved Institut for Idræt og Biomekanik, Syddansk Universitet, Odense.





Hoberman, J. (2001). The reception of Dopingdjævlen (1999) in Denmark. Forum for Idræt, 17(1).



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