Inegration i dansk kvindehåndbold. Slagelse FH og Aalborg DH som cases


  • Sine Agergaard
  • Line Vindbæk Andersen



Artiklen undersøger med udgangspunkt i Slagelse FH og Aalborg DH, klubbernes strategier for integration af udenlandske spillere.

Sine Agergaard and Line Vindbæk Andersen: Integration in Danish Women Handball. Slagelse and Aalborg handball clubs as cases

This article is based partly on a quantitative analysis of the amount of foreign players, who have joined the Danish women’s handball league in recent years, and partly on qualitative interviews about the management strategies for integrating many foreign players in the handball clubs in Aalborg and Slagelse. The migration of handball players started in the beginning of the 1990’s with the professionalisation of especially European handball. From the season 1999/2000 to the season 2003/2004 the amount of foreign players in the Danish women’s handball league has doubled and reached 25% of the total amount of players. The management of Aalborg Handball Club prefers to employ Nordic players and their strategy is to quickly assimilate the foreign players into the team. In Slagelse the managers’ strategies of integration cannot be as clearly defined. With concepts from management studies the difference between the strategies in Aalborg and Slagelse can be understood as an opposition between traditional colourblind leadership and management of diversity, respectively. However, both management strategies also carry disadvantages in relationship to the more long term building of the team, firm and handball club.


Sine Agergaard

Sine Agergaard, ph.d. i etnografi og socialantropologi, adjunkt ved Center for Idræt, Aarhus Universitet.

Line Vindbæk Andersen

Line Vindbæk Andersen, stud.cand.scient., Center for Idræt, Aarhus Universitet.





Agergaard, S., & Andersen, L. V. (2007). Inegration i dansk kvindehåndbold. Slagelse FH og Aalborg DH som cases. Forum for Idræt, 23(1).