Promotion of physical activity among children

Can we learn from New Zealand recess practices?


  • Charlotte Skau Pawlowski University of Southern Denmark
  • Jasper Schipperijn
  • Scott Duncan
  • Jens Troelsen



Physical Activity, School, Play


New Zealand children are much more physically active during the school day than Danish children. As school recess is a large contributor to children’s overall level of physical activity, the aim of this study was to identify possible physical activity-promoting recess practices at New Zealand schools transferrable to Danish schools. The study was conducted as an ethnographic field study using participant observations and informal field talks with children and school workers at five New Zealand schools. On the basis of our findings we suggest Danish schools should further support physical activity initiatives by implementing physical activity-promoting recess initiatives.





Pawlowski, C. S., Schipperijn, J., Duncan, S., & Troelsen, J. (2015). Promotion of physical activity among children: Can we learn from New Zealand recess practices?. Forum for Idræt, 31, 09–21.