Dannelsens værdifylde


  • Merete Wiberg




Dannelse, værdifylde, norm- og værdiorientering, pædagogiske professioner


The paper discusses how theories of ‘Bildung’ can contribute to the pedagogical professions. The point of departure is to view Bildung as a concept with a content of values which contributes to discussions about norms and value-orientation in education. Inspired by the philosopher Nicolai Hartmann, the paper introduces ‘fullness of value’ [Wertefülle] as an educational and analytical concept that helps to support a systematic study of value content in educational theory and practice. In order to provide an example, the paper offers a brief systematic analysis of the Bildung theorist Dietrich Benner’s concept of the non-affirmative. Theories of Bildung are not to be translated and directly applied in educational practice but provide a co- and counterplay to this. Theories of Bildung contribute to draft models of coherent educational views. In this way, the theories of Bildung propose, give the reason for and discuss the ideals of Bildung for future education in order to create reflection and discussion in public and the pedagogical profession.





Wiberg, M. (2022). Dannelsens værdifylde. Tidsskrift for Professionsstudier, 18(34), 26–33. https://doi.org/10.7146/tfp.v18i35.134052