Feltlaboratoriet som metode


  • Lene Teglhus Kaufmann
  • Marie Aakjær
  • Ulla Skjødt
  • Jeanette Præstegaard


Forskningsmetode, feltlaboratoriet, teknologi, viden, ældreliv


The article introduces the Fieldlaboratory as a participatory research method for creating knowledge on and with people whos lives are inflicted when new technologies are introduced to practice. Based on empirical material from a research and developmental project with the aim to examine how a network of seniors can be supported by a digital platform, the method is discussed in relation to the use of laboratories in design research and classical anthropological ideas on field work. The article argues that knowledge production in the Fieldlaboratory is based on recognising the new context provided by the intervention of a digital platform, as well as both the present and the possible future.





Kaufmann, L. T., Aakjær, M., Skjødt, U., & Præstegaard, J. (2020). Feltlaboratoriet som metode. Tidsskrift for Professionsstudier, 16(31), 116–127. Hentet fra https://tidsskrift.dk/tipro/article/view/122764