Vol. 3 No. 2 (2022): Nordic Journal of Library and Information Studies

This issue of the Nordic Journal of Library and Information Studies (NJLIS) contains three research articles all reflecting on different aspects of library and librarian practices. In “Mind the gap!” Hilde Moore introduces an alternative approach to teaching source evaluation, connecting the search and source evaluation with the actual use of sources. Ulrika Centerwall and Lill Langelotz article also concerns pedagogics, but from a school library perspective in “Norm Critical Projects in Swedish School Librarian Practices”. The article illustrates how norm critical projects are shaped by librarians in negotiation with the principals and other education professionals at schools. The results give interesting insight into how librarians’ work with literature and pedagogics not are accepted at face value, but evaluated in their actual situation of use and usefulness in the school setting. Finally, in “Easier material management - at what cost?” Lovisa Liljegren analyses how the introduction of automated systems for material management affects librarians’ work, particularly with regards to knowledge about the collections and skills to evaluate sources.

In addition to the research articles this issue presents four book reviews, two of which reviews newly defended Nordic PhD thesis (Hanell p. 59-64, Rasmussen, p. 65-70). The other two presents recently published research literature with Alison Hicks reviewing Jutta Haider and Olof Sundin’s Paradoxes of media and information literacy (p. 54-56), and Toumas Harviainen reviewing Ian Ruthven’s Dealing with Change Through Information Sculpting (p. 57-58).

Published: 2022-12-30

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