Smagfulde fremstillinger - Oplevelsesmatricer i mad- og rejselivsjournalistik


  • Unni From
  • Anni Marit Waade



This article focuses on journalism on food and travel in five Danish news papers. We emphasize this field of coverage as significant to understand cultural aspects of journalistic praxis as well as its conditions of market competition. The analyses show that journalism operates in a continuum between facts and fiction, between information and experiences, and between matter-offacts and evocative and emotional reportages. We argue also that food and travel journalism constitutes three interpretative frames, or matrices of experience, as we prefer to call them, consisting of respectively guide, pleasure and imagination.


How to Cite

From, U., & Waade, A. M. (2007). Smagfulde fremstillinger - Oplevelsesmatricer i mad- og rejselivsjournalistik. Journalistica, 2(4).