En empirisk forankret metodologi for studiet af værdier i professionerne

  • Rasmus Sommer Hansen
  • Mette Lind Kusk
Nøgleord: professionernes værdier, empowerment, social epistemologi, social retfærdighed


The professions are committed to promoting certain values ​​such as social justice and empowerment. But how should these abstract values ​​be interpreted? We argue that an adequate methodology for the study of values relevant to the professions ​​must include principles for dealing with implicit background assumptions and shared understandings embedded in different social perspectives, and that central among these is a principle of grounding the inquiry in the experience of vulnerable or oppressed groups of living with oppression. To illustrate the approach, we include an example of how ethnographic studies can be used in the analysis of values relevant to the professions.

Hansen, R., & Kusk, M. (2020). En empirisk forankret metodologi for studiet af værdier i professionerne. Tidsskrift for Professionsstudier, 16(30), 26-37. Hentet fra https://tidsskrift.dk/tipro/article/view/119281