#aintnobodygottimeforthat: cultural appropriation, stylization and the social life of hashtag interjectionality

  • Anne H. Fabricius Roskilde University


Th is paper will discuss a particular hashtag meme as one example of a potential new manifestation of interjectionality, engendered and fostered in the written online context of social media. Th e case derives from a video meme and hashtag from the United States which ‘went viral’ in 2012. We will ask to what extent hashtags might perform interjectional-type functions over and above their referential functions, thereby having links to other, more prototypically interjectional elements. Th e case will also be discussed from multiple sociolinguistic perspectives: as an example of the (indirect) signifying of ‘whiteness’ through ‘black’ discourse, as cultural appropriation in the context of potential policing of these racial divides in the United States, and as a case of performative stylization which highlights grammatical markers while simultaneously downplaying phonological markers of African American English. We will end by speculating as to the implications of the rise of (variant forms of) hashtags for processes of creative language use in the future.

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Fabricius, A. (2019). #aintnobodygottimeforthat: cultural appropriation, stylization and the social life of hashtag interjectionality. Scandinavian Studies in Language, 10(1), 85-97. https://doi.org/10.7146/sss.v10i1.114672