About the Journal

Scandinavian Studies in Language is a peer-reviewed English-language journal that bridges Scandinavian and global research trends. Taking a starting point in Scandinavian languages and language use, the journal is devoted to the study of language in all its richness and complexity - to the meanings, functions, structures, and contexts of language and linguistic practices.

Interdisciplinary in its orientation, our journal encourages contributions that study language in relation to culture and cognition, nature and environment, society and institutions, education and media, and to new and interdisciplinary ways of studying, analyzing and theorizing language and life in Scandinavia and beyond.

We publish all our papers online. Hosted by the Aarhus State Library in Denmark, our journal provides free and open access  to all our publications. This is an important value for us. In a world that is increasingly sealing off research behind paywalls, we are committed to providing access to researchers and students across Scandinavia and the world.

Our vision is to connect Scandinavia and the world through the publication of papers and special issues that bring together multiple perspectives and traditions. We encourage shared linguistic explorations of topical issues. Current examples are an issue on language in the Norwegian TV-series Skam and an issue on the social life of interjections.

Would you like to be a guest editor for a special issue?

Please contact one of the editors-in-chief (see below) with your proposal for a special issue. Also, if you are organizing or hosting a workshop, panel and conference on a topic relevant to Scandinavian Studies in Language, you are welcome to contact us to discuss in advance if we would be interested in cooperating with you in publishing the papers in a special issue.

Would you like to publish a paper with us?

Please contact one of the editorial team.