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Scandinavian countries provide a particular context for sport and exercise psychology due to the Scandinavian welfare model that provides different living and sporting conditions compared to many other countries. Research conducted in this context is unique but can inspire the world. The purpose of the Scandinavian Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology is to collect and disseminate knowledge and experiences between researchers, practitioners, athletes, coaches and others with interest for sport and exercise psychology in Scandinavia. It is an open access journal published yearly by the Danish Sport Psychological Forum.

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SJSEP Master Thesis Award 2022


The members of the committee have reviewed the eligible manuscripts, and Scandinavian Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology and Danish Sports Psychology Forum (DIFO) are pleased to announce that the winner of the Master Thesis Award for 2022 is Håvard Carlsen for the paper:

Fysisk aktivitet og ensomhet blant unge studenter under koronapandemien

The study aimed to investigate if there is a correlation between physical activity and loneliness among young students, as well as controlling for other factors that have been shown to be related to loneliness in the group. A regression analysis conducted on a sample of 1733 students showed that students who exercise are less lonely compared to students who do not exercise. Student loneliness is a problem on the rise which means that investigating the importance of exercising is an important topic of research and one which has significant relevance to the Scandinavian sport and exercise psychology community. The study demonstrates good quality in its use of basic quantitative methods, the research is well-designed and executed. The study has a large sample size, which increase the validity and generalizability of the findings. Finally, considering the body of literature published in SJSEP, both the method and the topic are areas which the journal wants to promote.

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