SJSEP Master Thesis Award 2021


SJSEP Master Thesis Award 2021


Each year master students across Scandinavia conduct important investigations that are relevant to the Scandinavian sport and exercise psychology community. Master Student Award was introduced by Scandinavian Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology to disseminate such work, and to introduce young researchers for the peer-review process. The award is annualy given to the best article in SJSEP based on a master thesis.


The members of the committee have reviewed the eligible manuscripts, and Scandinavian Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology and Danish Sports Psychology Forum (DIFO) are pleased to announce that the winner of the Master Thesis Award for 2021 is Ellinor Susanne Söderlund for the paper:


In a Football Bubble and Beyond: Cultural Transition Pathways of Swedish Professional Football Players.


The study aimed to explore cultural transition pathways of Swedish professional football players relocated to another European country, and to identify shared themes in their transition narratives.

The topic is timely and has significant relevance to the Scandinavian sport and exercise psychology community. Young football players go abroad but preparation and support are much needed since the transition is demanding and can be stressful. The narrative approach presented in the article is innovative and both the reflections of the principal investigator and narrative of the participants are well elaborated. This is insightful and inspiring to both researchers and practitioners. The research design is scientifically solid and data generation and analysis is transparent. No doubt the article makes a clear and important contribution to the field of sport and exercise psychology.


Congratulations to Ellinor Susanne Söderlund on a solid article based on her master thesis and to co-author and supervisor Natalia B Stambulova.


Award committee:

Louise Kamuk Storm, PhD, associate editor SJSEP

Carsten Hvid Larsen, PhD, associate editor SJSEP

Martin Kjeøen Erikstad, PhD, associate editor SJSEP


Astrid Becker-Larsen, chairman DIFO

Kristina Pfeffer, board member DIFO