Om religion og kognition


  • Armin W. Geertz



Religion, Kognition


“On Religion and Cognition: A Brief Historical and Thematic Introduction”. This article is a brief introduction to the cognitive study of religion. Ten problems are identified which serve as the backdrop of the article. These concern the problems of historical depth in the study of cognition; the increase of many different disciplinary approaches; the resultant termino­logical confusion; the weaknesses of the natural sciences in terms of the philosophy of science; the corresponding weaknesses of the cognitive science of religion in terms of the philosophy of science; the need to replace strategic triumphalism on the one hand and strategic isolationism on the other with strategic sobriety; the need to maintain that the study of religion concerns origins, functions, forms, meanings and structures as well as texts; the realization that the methodological tools accompanying cognitive approaches should be handled with care and prudence; the reduction of cognition exclusively to processes in the brain ignores recent neurological research that points to alternative models of cognition; and there are many more possibilities in cognitive research than have been acknowledged by the pioneers of cognitive approaches to the study of religion. The article briefly discusses the many histories of research in cognition during the past 150 years and illustrates various cognitive themes which might be fruitfully pursued by scholars of religion.





Geertz, A. W. (2005). Om religion og kognition. Religionsvidenskabeligt Tidsskrift, (46).