New Infrastructures—Performative Infrastructures in the Art Field


  • Signe Meisner Christensen Aalborg Universitet
  • Rachel Mader Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Art


Signe Meisner Christensen, Aalborg Universitet

Signe Meisner Christensen is an art researcher and curator working in interdisciplinary art-based research. She holds a postdoctoral position at Urban Design, Aalborg University and Kunsten, Aalborg Museum of Art. At Kunsten she directs the project Open, a public platform for collaborative artistic investigations in the city of Aalborg. She teaches at Urban Design and Art and Technology, Aalborg University.

Rachel Mader, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Art

Rachel Mader is an art researcher. Since 2012 she has directed the competence centre Art in Public Spheres at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Art. She is responsible both for a number of practice-based research projects on topics like self-organized art spaces, participatory art and city planning, as well as for basic research in the area of artistic research (special focus on the performative research paradigm) and on issues such as art and politics. Rachel Mader is co-president of SARN (Swiss Artistic Research Network), and an expert in the Commission of Art in the Public Sphere, Bern (KiöR, since 2014).


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