Litteratursociologi og kvantitative litteraturstudier

Den historiske roman i det moderne gennembrud som case


  • Jens Bjerring-Hansen
  • Sebastian Ørtoft Rasmussen


Passage, Litteratursociologi, 19th century studies, The history of the novel, The sociology of literature, Digital literary studies, The historical novel


This article builds a case for how literary historiography can be given a crucial sociological perspective through the analytical possibilities offered by digital corpora and methods.  Based on a corpus of almost 900 Danish and Norwegian novels published in Denmark between 1870 and 1900, we will test and illustrate how combining a field-analytical approach with more quantitative and data-driven analyses brings new perspectives to traditional literary sociology. Our case is the historical novel and its status and development in a period, the so-called "modern breakthrough" in Scandinavian literature, where, at first sight, it did not belong at all.





Bjerring-Hansen, J., & Ørtoft Rasmussen, S. (2023). Litteratursociologi og kvantitative litteraturstudier: Den historiske roman i det moderne gennembrud som case. Passage - Tidsskrift for Litteratur Og Kritik, 38(89), 171–189. Hentet fra