Calls: Special issue on Creating new Horizons of Working Life and Organizational Research – a dialog with Joan Acker


This special issue will be published in August/September 2019. April 1st 2018 Deadline for submission of abstracts. Submit to journal manager Bo Carstens,  Deadline for full papers 1st September 2018. Full papers should also be submitted to:

The Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies is hereby announcing a call for a special issue highlighting the scientific contributions of Professor Joan Acker

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Calls: Special issue on Welfare technologies in care work


This special issue will be published in January/February 2019. November 1st 2017 was the deadline for submission of abstracts. Deadline for full papers 1st February 2018. Full papers should  be submitted to:

Welfare technologies have within the last few years become a new mantra for reforming the Nordic public health care.  This thematic issue will particularly welcome contributions based on empirical studies.

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Calls: Special issue on Precarious work in the Nordics


This special issue will be published in October/November 2018. 15. November 2017 was the deadline for submission of abstracts. Deadline for full papers 15th April 2018. Full papers should be submitted to:

This issue brings together papers that addresses the emergence of precarious work in the Nordics in light of these structural changes of the labour market

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Calls: Papers for special issue on Refugees and Immigrants working in the Nordics


This special issue will be published in July/August 2018. Deadline for full papers was 1st January 2018.

This special issue wish to summon different perspectives from researchers who focus on mechanisms of inclusion/exclusion of refugees and immigrants in working life.

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