The period between 2011 and 2020 was marked by a number of milestone political events, such as Dilma Rousseff’s two-term administration – including the June 2013 protests and the 2016 presidential impeachment –, Michel Temer’s transitional administration, and the election of Jair Bolsonaro. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, this special issue critically examines the way that relationships between culture and politics have been articulated in Brazil in connection with major national and/or global events over the past decade. The articles in this interdisciplinar dossier focus on reviewing key connections that defined culture and politics in Brazil over the past decade.

Cover illustration by Marcelo D'Salete

Published: 2021-10-02

Front Matter

Felipe Botelho Correa

Cultura e Política no Brasil: balanço de uma década (2011-2020)

Daniela Vieira dos Santos, Mário Augusto Medeiros da Silva, Sandra Assunção


The Cultural Policy and the Bolsonaro government

Sara Freitas, Janine Targino, Leonardo Granato


Digital participation of left-wing activists in Brazil: cultural events as a cement to mobilization and networked protest

Julien Figeac, Nathalie Paton, Angelina Peralva, Arthur Coelho Bezerra, Guillaume Cabanac, Héloïse Prévost, Pierre Ratinaud, Tristan Salord