Årg. 3 Nr. 2 (2020): Svær sjælden komplikation til epididymitis

Severe rare complication to epididymitis
Epididymitis is a common disease in the emergency department, but an abscess as a complication is rare. This case report describes an 82-year-old man, who suffered from a rare and severe complication from epididymitis after prescription of antibiotics. Ultrasound was the key to diagnose the abscess easy and fast in the emergency department. The patients were scheduled for an emergency surgical incision and drainage. He was discharged 14 days later from the hospital without any complications. Epididymal abscesses are an uncommon complication of epididymitis seen in the emergency department. It is a very rare but potentially life-threatening complication to be aware of.   

Publiceret: 2021-03-18

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