Mediering af bioanalytikerstuderendes refleksion i praksis

Om afprøvning af en refleksionsmodel i bioanalytikeruddannelsen

  • Vibe Jelsbak
Nøgleord: Refleksion, klinisk uddannelse, refleksionsmodel, videomedieret refleksion


Students at the Study Program for Biomedical Laboratory Science should obtain both knowledge, skills and competencies in order to be well-educated biomedical laboratory scientists. Their study program has both theoretical periods on campus and internship periods in a hospital laboratory. When in internship, the students up until now have not experienced pedagogical design with dialogues of systematic training of reflection over professional skills and competencies.

This project has used design-based research to develop and evaluate a systematic model for students’ reflection through video-mediated dialogues based on video showing the student in a professional action. Findings show that students’ reflection can be supported using this educational model, and that the reflection can be about both product of the professional actions and reflection regarding process of and premises for the professional actions.   

Jelsbak, V. (2019). Mediering af bioanalytikerstuderendes refleksion i praksis. Sundhedsprofessionelle Studier, 3(1). Hentet fra
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