Gender Dynamics in Academic Networks - a Narrative Review


  • Mathilde Cecchini
  • Maria Lehmann Nielsen
  • Ea Høg Utoft



Gender, networks, career, homophily, masculinities, academia


Progress towards gender balance among senior faculty in Danish academia remains slow. Although networks are widely recognized as key to career success, studies on the influence of gender on network dynamics and career advancement in academia are scarce. Until now, scholarship has engaged with the topic of gender and networks in organizations through two co-existing, while unrelated, streams of research, namely the social networks literature and the gendering networks literature. In this narrative review, we ask the following question: What characterizes the social networks literature and the gendering networks literature, and how can they inform each other and advance our understanding of gender dynamics in academic networks? We outline the main findings from the two literatures and discuss the potentials of combining different theoretical perspectives for understanding gender and networks in Danish academia. More specifically, we argue that the social networks literature maps the network structures of men and women, while the gendering networks literature takes us on a journey through these structures. This paper constitutes the first step of a research project entitled Gender and Networks in EarlyCareer Academic Advancement.





Cecchini, M., Nielsen, M. L., & Utoft, E. H. (2019). Gender Dynamics in Academic Networks - a Narrative Review. Kvinder, Køn & Forskning, 28(1-2), 86–98.