HJEMSØGELSER: Når det uvirkelige bliver virkeligt


  • Kirsten Marie Råhauge


Haunted discusses experiences of ghosts in houses that are used as homes. Most

of the experiences in the study take place in contemporary Denmark. The many

ghost stories that are part of an ethnographic research project are connected to

the spatial and material conditions under which they take place. The article suggests

connections between the extra-material and the material-spatial register, e.g.

perceptions of the home as a cell and a fi lter, of territoriality and property right,

connectedness to places and hyper-transmission. The article suggests haunting

as a state of emergency, where categories such as time and space are being transgressed:

categories that are normally understood as fi xed or discrete. Through

Freud’s concept Das Unheimliche and the spatial conditions under which it is

experienced, and through Derrida’s concept Spectre and its deconstructive displacements,

the article sketches out an analytical framework for articulating these

strange experiences that seem to go beyond reason.

Keywords: Haunted houses, space, extra-materiality, Denmark.






Råhauge, K. M. (2009). HJEMSØGELSER: Når det uvirkelige bliver virkeligt. Tidsskriftet Antropologi, (59/60). Hentet fra https://tidsskrift.dk/tidsskriftetantropologi/article/view/106848