At skrive gennem lyd

Om Audible Originals

  • Birgitte Stougaard Pedersen
Nøgleord: audiobook, audiobooks, lydbog, lydbøger, Audible Originals, Life after Truth, original audio stories, lydfortællinger


The article discusses audio first stories as a phenomenon developed from the classic audiobook format. It focuses on so-called Audible Originals, published by the audiobook publisher Audible since 2018. The article is partly based on an interview with the Australian writer Ceridwen Dovey on her Audible Original novel Life after Truth (2019). It deals with original audio stories from four different perspectives: Writing through sound, publishing through sound, genres of sound and of cultural values and hierarchies connected to writing and publishing audio stories.

Pedersen, B. (2020). At skrive gennem lyd. Passage - Tidsskrift for Litteratur Og Kritik, 35(83), 85-99. Hentet fra